March 19, 2015

New Dallas Web Marketing Company Gets Competitive Edge With Click Funnels

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Top box web marketing looking to change the way they acquire their clients in the near future. “Acquiring SEO customers can be a challenge sometimes” says owner of  topbox.  There is a lot of companies out there that claim that they are SEO experts, but the issue arises that they use black hat tactics which will end up hurting your rankings in the long run. By using software like clickfunnels we can generate leads with automated email services giving constant contact to their potential customers.

By providing constant contact they educate the lead on safe and respectful tactics for increasing their search rankings in Google. Top box also has experience in web design, but designing a website from scratch can be a costly service. Click funnels also gives the user the ability to create websites for them with simple click and drag options and not any code, but does offer custom css. Dallas internet marketing firm thinks this is a great option for business’s on a tight budget.

Top box is also looking to utilize clickfunnels membership site. “We also offer consulting to business owners as well” consulting services come at a steep price by providing a membership service where business’s owners can get educated on some of the strategies that will allow them to succeed in SEO. This is a win win for the company and client.

“We are excited for the future and cannot wait to roll out click funnels for out lead generation”. By topbox using other avenues for lead gathering, rest assured we will be seeing more from them soon. For information about the dallas based company, you can check them out here TOP BOX web marketing home.

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