March 17, 2015

Are Fitness Directory Websites Still Alive

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With aggregator becoming a huge part of the tech industry, will people start to assume that directory websites dead?

Trainkettlebellsdallas respectfully has to disagree. They believe that directory and websites and aggreagators can live in harmony with each other and supplement each other in synergistic fashion. A directory website in the DFW area is trying to make dallas kettlebell training much each easier to be accessible. Speaking with the owners, their goal is to provide directory data for all the kettlebell bell gyms in the area. By giving users easier ways to find kettlebell training in the area. This will give people a much easier way than searching for each gym website one at a time which can be a daunting task.

Most web surfers search through the web trying to find a solution of what they are looking for scouring websites trying to get the information they need. Aggregators and directory websites make the users job easier and a more enjoyable experience. Success from big aggregator companies such as kayak, trivago and to name a few. The web scraping and data gathering has grown in increasing numbers in that last five years and will grow even more in the years to come. Market pushes in data gathering, trainkettlebelldallas believes they can get a strong foot hold the directory business in bootcamp/fitness camp industry.

Plans in the future are to incorporate other fitness camps like bootcamps, pilates, spin. Further down the line as traffic builds to the website they plan to develop a mobile app that contains all the information, other ways of forward thinking allowing users to sign-up with at each location through the website. The list goes on, by creating a great user experience this will allow more memberships sold and more access to fitness clubs around the city allowing soon to be clients to get a huge push in getting started for their goals.

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