March 16, 2015

Apple New Product Unveiling

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Last week was introduction to all new apple products coming to the market. Some of the more exciting ones include the apple watch, the new apple MacBook, but sadly the new ipad did not make it this go around. Then new ipad is set to release later this year. Of the products soon to hit the market is the MacBook. The unveiling of the new MacBook created an uproar with people, conversations streaming through twitter feeds, facebook posts and other social media channels.

The new Macbook more like a highly powered ipad. With only one port leaves very little the user. User’s will no longer be able to charge an iphone will surfing the web. Apple spokesperson stated this not for the user who is going to be playing the next call of duty. This for the user who occasionally gets on facebook or reading emails. Couch computer.

In the past apple has been criticize for making such drastic changes in it’s products, but apple must know what they are doing. Market research shows.. They’ve been know for their forward way of thinking in the past. We all remember when apple got rid of dvd-players and this was back when information was still put on disk.

When all is said and done. When push comes to shove still go with the MacBook Air. The battery last longer, computer is more powerful and has more ports. So go with the safer option for now, but as always we shall see what the future holds for the next line of apple products.


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