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The History Of Online Videos

Way back in the nineties, when the internet was young, it was filled with basic websites and text chat rooms. When it came to people who like to make videos, they required a video recorder, many of which were expensive. However, near the end of that decade, these devices involved hard drives and DVD’s for recording purposes. This meant it was the end of the line for recording on tape, and not long after those, solid state memory storage started to become popular. This change in how video’s were recorded meant that getting them from a device into a computer was much easier.

It was the start of this century that seen some mobiles phones implementing cameras. These were very crude at the time, with only around 1MB of data stored per frame. This meant grainy pictures with a lot of noise. When these were used for video recording, the frame rate was slow, as the memory could not handle anything faster, and so if the person taking the video moved, all they recorded was a blur. This meant watching them could cause a person a headache. Still, this gave budding Spielberg’s a taste of video.

By now the internet had evolved from a text based system with annoying GIF images, to more of a multimedia platform. Web sites appeared that allowed videos to be uploaded so that other people could view them. Luckily, technology never stands still, and so mobile phone video recording improved. Much better light sensors became available at low costs, and software was developed to help enhance the video. Five years after the century had started, online video sites like VideoDig were more popular than ever, and the recording capabilities kept taking leaps forward.

Those trends have continued till this day, and thinking back only ten years is like going back to the Stoneage of videos online. Now when you go on the internet, no matter what site is visited, there is likely to be a video on it. Some of the major sites now hold millions of videos, and some people can even make a living out of it by relying on advertising revenue. Mobile phones are now capable of recording in full high definition, and this gives Hollywood style recording power. Video dig plans to keep increasing their web libraries by the thousands each day. The next step for the revolution is 4k, and although still in its infancy, it will likely be the norm in another ten years.


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Top box web marketing looking to change the way they acquire their clients in the near future. “Acquiring SEO customers can be a challenge sometimes” says owner of  topbox.  There is a lot of companies out there that claim that they are SEO experts, but the issue arises that they use black hat tactics which will end up hurting your rankings in the long run. By using software like clickfunnels we can generate leads with automated email services giving constant contact to their potential customers.

By providing constant contact they educate the lead on safe and respectful tactics for increasing their search rankings in Google. Top box also has experience in web design, but designing a website from scratch can be a costly service. Click funnels also gives the user the ability to create websites for them with simple click and drag options and not any code, but does offer custom css. Dallas internet marketing firm thinks this is a great option for business’s on a tight budget.

Top box is also looking to utilize clickfunnels membership site. “We also offer consulting to business owners as well” consulting services come at a steep price by providing a membership service where business’s owners can get educated on some of the strategies that will allow them to succeed in SEO. This is a win win for the company and client.

“We are excited for the future and cannot wait to roll out click funnels for out lead generation”. By topbox using other avenues for lead gathering, rest assured we will be seeing more from them soon. For information about the dallas based company, you can check them out here TOP BOX web marketing home.

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The New Sport Clips on West 19th Street in the Houston Heights has the new client facing credit card terminals with LED screen for conveniently swiping their credit cards and adding a tip without having to sign a piece of paper.  Sport Clips franchise rolled this technology out nationwide at the beginning of this year, January 1st.  All new stores across the country will now have the client facing LED credit card terminals. The first and ONLY New store in Houston Texas to install these new credit card terminals is conveniently located in the middle of the Houston Heights. 19th street is the heart of the Historical Heights.

Recently Sport Clips promoted Scott Perry to chief financial officer and treasurer and named Dan Miller chief information officer, as well bringing in Mark Kartarik , the New franchise President. These three are expected to take Sport Clips franchise into a new age of Technology.

“Dan has the experience to further Sport Clips’ incubation and implementation of innovative technology that will benefit both our franchisees and clients,” says Sport Clips CEO. “We’re looking forward to his expertise supporting our business analytics and digital media operations at our Georgetown, Texas-based Support Center and our locations across the nation.”

“Mark played a major role in Regis’ expansion the past 20-plus years, and he will bring an extremely high level of franchising expertise to Sport Clips Haircuts as we continue our growth and expansion into new markets,” said company founder and CEO, in a statement. “Mark’s knowledge of the franchised hair care business is unmatched in the industry, and he is known for his strong relationships with the franchisees he supports.”

These new client facing credit card terminals have a nice size LED screen on them that really sticks out when you walk into the store. Even draws attention at night when walking by the store when it is closed. It displays several Sport Clips photos and information like a slide show for the clients. Not to mention, it is super convenient and paperless. So it saves the clients time, the stylists’ time and the franchisee money. So if you’re in the area stop by sport clips houston height location and check it out! You won’t be disappointed.


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With aggregator becoming a huge part of the tech industry, will people start to assume that directory websites dead?

Trainkettlebellsdallas respectfully has to disagree. They believe that directory and websites and aggreagators can live in harmony with each other and supplement each other in synergistic fashion. A directory website in the DFW area is trying to make dallas kettlebell training much each easier to be accessible. Speaking with the owners, their goal is to provide directory data for all the kettlebell bell gyms in the area. By giving users easier ways to find kettlebell training in the area. This will give people a much easier way than searching for each gym website one at a time which can be a daunting task.

Most web surfers search through the web trying to find a solution of what they are looking for scouring websites trying to get the information they need. Aggregators and directory websites make the users job easier and a more enjoyable experience. Success from big aggregator companies such as kayak, trivago and hotels.com to name a few. The web scraping and data gathering has grown in increasing numbers in that last five years and will grow even more in the years to come. Market pushes in data gathering, trainkettlebelldallas believes they can get a strong foot hold the directory business in bootcamp/fitness camp industry.

Plans in the future are to incorporate other fitness camps like bootcamps, pilates, spin. Further down the line as traffic builds to the website they plan to develop a mobile app that contains all the information, other ways of forward thinking allowing users to sign-up with at each location through the website. The list goes on, by creating a great user experience this will allow more memberships sold and more access to fitness clubs around the city allowing soon to be clients to get a huge push in getting started for their goals.

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Last week was introduction to all new apple products coming to the market. Some of the more exciting ones include the apple watch, the new apple MacBook, but sadly the new ipad did not make it this go around. Then new ipad is set to release later this year. Of the products soon to hit the market is the MacBook. The unveiling of the new MacBook created an uproar with people, conversations streaming through twitter feeds, facebook posts and other social media channels.

The new Macbook more like a highly powered ipad. With only one port leaves very little the user. User’s will no longer be able to charge an iphone will surfing the web. Apple spokesperson stated this not for the user who is going to be playing the next call of duty. This for the user who occasionally gets on facebook or reading emails. Couch computer.

In the past apple has been criticize for making such drastic changes in it’s products, but apple must know what they are doing. Market research shows.. They’ve been know for their forward way of thinking in the past. We all remember when apple got rid of dvd-players and this was back when information was still put on disk.

When all is said and done. When push comes to shove still go with the MacBook Air. The battery last longer, computer is more powerful and has more ports. So go with the safer option for now, but as always we shall see what the future holds for the next line of apple products.


March 13, 2015

Welcome to Technology

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